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2660 Breton Rd. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49546

      (One block North of 28th Street on the right)      

Office Hours:

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday - 9:00 AM to Noon   

Sunday Services:

  9:15 AM: Informal Adult Teaching  

10:00 AM: Snacks & Beverages

10:30 AM: Celebration Service

                   (Nursery, Children & Pre Teen Service Provided)


7:00 PM: Family Night   (Worship - Message - Prayer for needs) 

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Phone: 616. 942.6320



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Lead Pastor - F. Denis Napieralski

Associate Pastor - Paul Francis 



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Full of Faith

Read Job 25:1 through 26:14; Acts 6:1–15

Help Wanted: Food Server. No experience necessary, but must be a person with wisdom, faith, grace—full of the Holy Spirit and God’s power.

Not a typical help wanted ad, but it’s an accurate paraphrase of the character traits the apostles were looking for when they selected seven men to distribute food to the church’s widows. Stephen, in particular, stood out—not for his serving skills, but for his spiritual maturity.

They chose Stephen, a man full of faith and of the Holy Spirit (Acts 6:5).

Church leadership can look prestigious, but it isn’t meant to be. Leadership is meant to place maturing followers of Jesus in positions of responsibility and service. Today it may look like scrubbing pans at the homeless shelter or doing oil changes for needy families. Simple acts of service done with a godly passion and the power of the Holy Spirit have the potential to impact eternity—not because the person completing the task is highly skilled, but because he or she is full of the Holy Spirit.

Challenge for Today: Make a choice to do all you do empowered and impassioned by the Holy Spirit.

Quicklook: Acts 6:1–8

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